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Fairplay Anticheat Software is an application made for Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. It has been the prominent anticheat software since 2007 and is used daily by players of the demo and full versions of the game. Fairplay continues to grow as the creation of a sof2 player named Shifty. Fairplay anticheat's purpose is to provide a fair, cheat-free platform for video game users to be able to play with each other without the bother of hackers and cheaters, both competitively and non-competitively.

Fairplay needs the Microsoft .NET Framework to work. You can download it here.

The allowed pk3 list including download links can be found here.

fp_status Use this command to print the fairplay status to the console, it can also be binded to a key: \bind [key] fp_status

fp_getfs <GUID> Use this command anytime ingame to fairshot a player, if the guid entered is "all" it will fairshot the whole server only if server cvar fp_fsall is set (see below). Example: \fp_getfs 01223 or \fp_getfs all

fp_thirdperson <0/1> This command allows a player to choose whether or not they want to play in first third person (0 being first, 1 being third). The server being played in must also enable fp_playerview 2 for this command to work properly.

fp_firstspec <0/1> This command lets a player spec in first person by passing 1 or in third person by passing 0. The default is 1 and this command will only work if the server allows it (fp_specview 0 or nothing)

rcon sets fp_specview <0/1/2> This command is works with fp_firstspec, but is the server-side command to force players to spec a certain way. Passing 0 allows players to choose to spec first with 'fp_firstspec 1' or third with 'fp_firstspec 0'. Passing 1 causes all players on fairplay to spec with first. Passing 2 causes all players to be forced to spec with third. 

rcon sets fp_msglimit <X SECONDS> This command is done through rcon to allow for spam control of the @fp command. X is a number in seconds. For example, "rcon sets fp_msglimit 120" will make it so when a player chats "@fp", it cannot be done again for another 120 seconds.

rcon sets fp_playerview <0/1/2> This command is done through rcon to allow for different types of views for players while in game. Passing 0 will disable thirdperson (this is the default cfg of servers). Passing 1 will force all clients with fairplay to play in third person. And passing 2 lets the player decide whether to play first or third (fp_thirdperson). 

rcon sets fp_fsall <0/1> Setting this cvar to 1 will allow players on your server to fairshot the entire server at once.


Fairplay is a free to use anticheat program. We rely on donations to keep Fairplay online. Please consider donating today.

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Amount to Donate: If you donate $10 or more, we will give you a custom GUID.

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