Fairplay RSS Feed http://www.fairplay.ac 10 Latest News Items en-gb Crashing Issue http://www.fairplay.ac/index.php?page=news&id=2 As most of you know, Fairplay has been crashing A LOT lately.

This has been due to our mysql web host not allowing enough connections. To try and resolve that issue, we first moved to another mysql host which ended up doing the same error, so today we have set up our own mysql server and hope this will stop clients...]]> FP Beta Test http://www.fairplay.ac/index.php?page=news&id=1 New FP is out for beta testing, if you have any problems please post on demobase.
We are still working on some things, including this website, so please bear with us.
As with last time, if too many problems arise we will revert back to version 11.

New features include:

- First person specta...]]>