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Fairplay Anticheat Software is an application made for Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix. It has been the prominent anticheat software since 2007 and is used daily by players of the demo and full versions of the game. Fairplay continues to grow as the creation of a sof2 player named Shifty. Fairplay anticheat's purpose is to provide a fair, cheat-free platform for video game users to be able to play with each other without the bother of hackers and cheaters, both competitively and non-competitively.

Fairplay needs the Microsoft .NET Framework to work. You can download it here.

The allowed pk3 list including download links can be found here.

On this page you can view thumbnails of all the fairshots taken by Fairplay. You can also zoom into them to see them in a larger resolution, or even full scale. While you're here, you can easily flag any suspicious screenshot by clicking the small red flag in the bottom left corner of all fairshot thumbnails.

If you prefer the old directory layout of fairshots, please click here to visit the directory.

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Player Name: rA.texassexranger - FP Guid: 648e5Server IP: Player Name: ~*Ra/La[T]eX` - FP Guid: 648e5Server IP: Player Name: ``joranikov..3:-] - FP Guid: 82025Server IP:
Player Name: `s2w ][ bECkenbAUr - FP Guid: f7ff9Server IP: Player Name: <HoP> Kaasschaaf - FP Guid: 6c29fServer IP: Player Name: smk - FP Guid: 5a61aServer IP:
Player Name: -=TVT=-raviin. - FP Guid: 8ef6aServer IP: Player Name: -][- b@ndzio - FP Guid: J@INTServer IP: Player Name: -dgz- GD` - FP Guid: 04478Server IP:
Player Name: -dgz- GD` - FP Guid: 04478Server IP: Player Name: demigodz // VaGa` - FP Guid: 41be0Server IP: Player Name: om1ka - FP Guid: 6144bServer IP:
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Fairplay is a free to use anticheat program. We rely on donations to keep Fairplay online. Please consider donating today.

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Amount to Donate: If you donate $10 or more, we will give you a custom GUID.

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